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Boulder Wall Construction in Rogers, MN

Would you like to have a boulder wall constructed on your property in Rogers?


Boulder walls make for a bold, striking addition to both residential and commercial landscapes. They're also highly effective in preventing erosion, especially on lakeside properties. If you decide that you'd like to have a boulder wall constructed near your home or business in Rogers, work with the contractors who you can always trust to perform quality work.


High-Quality Boulder Walls

JL Landworx is a landscape construction contractor offering a range of services to both commercial and residential clients in Rogers. We specialize in constructing boulder walls, which can both control erosion on your property and add a beautiful new landscape feature to your yard.


Our construction crew can build either a naturalistic or a traditional boulder wall on your property in Rogers. Traditional boulder walls consist of even layers that are great for hillside management. Naturalistic boulder walls consist of uneven, scattered boulders that can be worked into hillside gardens. We can also install rip rap to protect your lakeside property from erosion.


We have three material choices available for our high-quality boulder walls in Rogers. Limestone is a sturdy and versatile choice for boulder walls which comes in a consistent size and shape. Fieldstone consists of boulders in a variety of sizes and shapes, giving your boulder wall a more natural look. Iron Range boulders have distinct coloration and texture which make them a bold choice.

The Most Dependable Boulder Wall Contractor in Minnesota

Building a boulder wall in your yard is a great way to change up your landscape while preventing erosion. Get in touch with JL Landworx today for the finest boulder wall construction services in the Rogers area!

JL Landworx offers boulder wall construction services in Elk River, DelanoHamel, Minnetonka, Orono, Plymouth, WayzataZimmerman, and in other surrounding areas. 

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