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Boulder Wall Construction in Wayzata, MN

Would you benefit from having a boulder wall constructed on your property in Wayzata?


Boulder walls are a popular choice for improving the landscaping of both commercial and residential properties. Boulder walls can be constructed for various purposes, including erosion control, creating level areas, and more.


Premium Boulder Wall Construction

Here at JL Landworx, we specialize in providing world-class boulder wall construction and other landscape construction services for our neighbors in Wayzata. We will work with you to design and build a custom boulder wall for your property. Our crew has years of industry experience and will perfectly execute your project plans for a beautiful finish.


When considering a boulder wall for your property in Wayzata, there are two main options: traditional and naturalistic. A traditional boulder wall is built with a uniform layering of stones, making it a great solution for erosion control and land preservation. A naturalistic boulder wall is constructed using a variety of boulders in different sizes, which can add a natural look and feel to your property.


JL Landworx offers various natural materials for your boulder wall in Wayzata, including limestone, fieldstone, and iron range boulders. Limestone walls add a durable feature to your property while providing a natural appearance. Fieldstone boulder walls are also great for an organic look, while Iron Range boulders bring a bold yet tasteful color and texture to your landscaping.

Top-Choice Boulder Wall Company in Minnesota

You deserve quality landscaping solutions that meet all your wants and needs, and our team can do it for you. Get in touch with JL Landworx today to get started on a boulder wall construction project for your home or business in the Wayzata area!

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