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Boulder Wall Construction in Orono, MN

Do you want boulder wall construction services for your property in Orono?


If you are tired of dealing with erosion and looking for a way to stop it without breaking the bank or ruining your landscaping’s aesthetic, you should consider building a boulder retaining wall. If you want a boulder wall built in Orono, you can work with JL Landworx for the best results.


Reliable Boulder Wall Construction

JL Landworx is a local landscaping company that serves the greater Twin Cities area with boulder wall construction solutions. We will visit your property in Orono to get a sense of your space and work with you to identify the best boulder wall materials and designs for your personal needs. These walls can last for generations, and they’re the perfect way to decrease shoreline erosion and increase your property’s visual appeal and overall value.


You can choose between a traditional or naturalistic boulder wall design, allowing even more customization possibilities. The boulder walls constructed by JL Landworx are built to last and to provide a stunning upgrade for your landscaping. Whether you want a boulder wall for erosion control or a backyard patio, our crew will do it for you affordably in no time. With choices in limestone, fieldstone, and iron range boulders, your boulder wall in Orono will suit your exact wants and needs.

The Premier Boulder Wall Contractor in Orono

Whether you need to slow down the effects of erosion or you just want to put the finishing touches on a landscaping project, our boulder walls are the most effective solution. Get in touch with JL Landworx today for top-notch boulder wall construction services in the Orono area!

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