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Boulder Wall Construction in Zimmerman, MN

Would you like a boulder wall constructed for your property in Zimmerman?


Boulder walls are a smart and visually attractive way to make a statement for your home or business landscaping. When constructed by professional landscape architects, boulder walls can provide erosion protection for a lifetime. If you want a boulder wall for your home or business in Zimmerman, our company will build it for you.


High-Grade Boulder Wall Construction

JL Landworx is a light excavation contractor that is a leading provider of boulder wall construction and other landscaping services in Zimmerman. Our expert builders strive to exceed client expectations and always meet project deadlines. You can design your boulder wall with either traditional or naturalistic styles, and we will build it efficiently and beautifully.


If you opt for a traditional boulder wall, it will be constructed with even layers that are great for erosion control, hillside preservation, and more. A naturalistic boulder wall will be built with scattered boulders of different sizes. These walls are great for several applications, from lakeshore erosion to garden landscaping.  JL Landworx can also provide rip rap for an additional erosion control layer.


The choice is yours for natural material options, which include:

  • Limestone, a well-known sedimentary rock in Minnesota, is a durable and long-lasting option for boulder walls and is often used in areas with high erosion potential.

  • Fieldstone, often used for its rustic appearance, is another popular material for boulder walls that have a natural, organic look.

  • Iron Range boulders are known for their unique color and texture, and our crew is uniquely qualified to work with these heavy boulders on your property in Zimmerman!

The Premier Boulder Wall Contractor in Minnesota 

For boulder wall construction that will improve your landscaping and extend your property’s integrity, give us a call. Connect with JL Landworx today for quality boulder wall construction services in the Zimmerman area! 

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