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Land Clearing in Wayzata, MN

Would you like to have land cleared on a property you own in Wayzata?


Whether you're trying to build a new house or an office building on a newly purchased plot of land, you'll first need to have all of the brush and debris cleared out. If you're in need of professional land clearing services in Wayzata, let a hard-working crew of contractors provide our expert assistance.


Land Clearing for Any Property

JL Landworx is a land management contractor that offers a range of services to our valued clients in Wayzata. Land clearing is a particularly valuable service that allows for the hasty removal of trees, brush, stumps and all other obstacles on a plot of land that's been slated for development.


We can provide these land clearing services in Wayzata:

  • Site clearing, which includes the removal of all vegetation and surface soil.

  • Brush clearing, which involves the removal of all excess brush from your property.

  • Stump grinding, which allows our crew to fully remove even the most deeply-rooted stumps from your lot.

  • Whole tree chipping, which is an efficient way to eliminate trees felled on your land.

  • Forestry mulching, which allows our crew to quickly fell and grind all of the foliage on your property.

  • Right of way maintenance, which pertains to any public land that borders your lot.

The Top-Flight Land Clearing Contractor in Minnesota

When the time comes to clear out brush and even your land in preparation for building, just bring us in. Call JL Landworx today for the most effective land clearing services in the Wayzata area!

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