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Land Clearing in Minnetonka, MN

Do you need land clearing services for your property in Minnetonka?

Before you begin new construction on your property, you'll need to have all of the brush, trees, and other obstacles cleared away. Hire a crew of professional land clearing contractors in Minnetonka to get your land ready for building.


Professional Land Clearing

JL Landworx is an experienced land management company that provides a variety of land clearing services in Minnetonka. By removing brush, stumps, and other hazards from a plot of land, our contractors will get it ready for residential or commercial development, or any other intended use.


Our team offers these land clearing services in Minnetonka:

  • Site Clearing - Our land management contractors will remove all unwanted vegetation and surface soil from your property.

  • Brush Clearing - Our land clearing crew will thoroughly rid your land of brush.

  • Stump Grinding - We'll grind out the stumps left by felled trees to keep them from impeding construction.

  • Whole Tree Chipping - Using heavy equipment, our contractors will reduce felled trees into wood chips for easy removal.

  • Forestry Mulching - We can swiftly chop down all unwanted foliage on your property, then mulch it and clear it out.

  • Right of Way Maintenance - Our land clearing contractors will maintain roads, sidewalks, and other public property adjacent to your site.

The Best Land Clearing Contractors in Minnetonka

When you need to have your land cleared to pave the way for something new, let our pros lend a hand. Speak with JL Landworx today if you're in need of professional land clearing services in the Minnetonka area!

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