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Land Clearing in Buffalo, MN

When land becomes overgrown with trees and bushes, it can become ungainly and unsuitable for new construction. If you own a commercial or residential property where the brush has taken over, get help from a team of land clearing contractors in Buffalo to get your land ready for building.


Reliable Land & Brush Clearing Contractors

At JL Landworx, we offer high-quality land management and lot clearing services in Buffalo. You can rely on our pros to get rid of all unwanted brush and tree stumps on your residential or commercial property and level the ground to allow for the start of a new construction project.


Our contractors provide these land and lot clearing services in Buffalo:

  • Site Clearing - Removal of brush, rock, surface soil, and anything else that will get in the way of your building plans.

  • Brush Clearing & Buckthorn Removal - Thorough removal of buckthorn and other thick brush that has become an eyesore on your property.

  • Whole Tree Chipping & Forestry Mulching - Efficient removal and mulching of unneeded trees on your land.

  • Stump Grinding & Grubbing - Removal of all stumps and roots that remain after we've chopped down trees and brush.

  • Right of Way Maintenance - All necessary maintenance tasks for public property that shares a border with your lot.

  • Habitat Restoration - Rehabilitation of your land that will allow for native plants to regrow.

  • Pasture Reclamation - Full lot clearing so that your land can be transformed into pastures.

The Best Land Clearing Company in Buffalo

Whatever your intended usage for your land, our lot clearing services will get it ready. Reach out to JL Landworx today if you're in need of professional land clearing services in the Buffalo area!

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