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Excavation Services in Minnetonka, MN

Are you seeking reliable light excavation services for a project in Minnetonka?

When it comes to land transformation in Minnetonka, accurate and expert excavation is fundamental. Every construction or renovation project, whether residential or commercial, needs a solid foundation and meticulous groundwork. An adept excavation crew equipped with the right tools can ensure that your land is prepped for any plans you might have.


Precise Excavation Work

JL Landworx is the most qualified company to carry out any light excavation services you may require in the Minnetonka area. Our team of seasoned professionals brings years of excavation experience and we invest in cutting-edge equipment to ensure every light excavation job is executed with precision and efficiency. 


Respecting your timeline, we commit to completing light excavation projects in Minnetonka promptly without compromising on quality. Adhering to industry safety standards, we ensure the well-being of both our crew and your property. With JL Landworx, there are no hidden fees. We offer competitive rates and provide clear estimates upfront.


Our diverse services encompass:

  • Preparing slab-on-grade foundations to ensure stability for buildings.

  • Expert grading and site prep, ideal for land development or redesign.

  • Drainage solutions, from culverts to French drains, safeguarding against flooding.

  • Shoreline repair for preventing erosion, vital for waterfront properties.

  • Efficient demolition of obsolete structures, paving the way for new construction.

  • Driveway installations that are both durable and aesthetic.

  • Crafting ponds, enhancing the natural beauty of your land.

Minnetonka's Top-Tier Excavation Contractors

We strive for excellence in every excavation project, big or small. Reach out to JL Landworx today for unmatched light excavation services in the Minnetonka area!

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