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Excavation Services in Delano, MN

Would you like to work with an excavation contractor on a project in Delano?


Light excavation work is vital for many different types of land management and construction projects. From preparing land for new construction to demolishing old structures, excavators and their operators play a crucial role in just about everything. If you want the best light excavation services in Delano, partner with a trusted local land management contractor.


Dependable Light Excavation Services

JL Landworx performs all types of landscape construction and land management services in Delano for both residential and commercial clients. When you hire our excavator operators, you can trust us to perform exceptional work that paves the way for whatever plans you have for your land.


We provide all necessary light excavation services for commercial and residential properties in Delano, such as:

  • Slab on grade foundation construction for new buildings.

  • Grading and any other necessary site preparation work.

  • Installation of a culvert, French drain, drain tile or other drainage solution.

  • Shoreline repair, stabilization and erosion control services for lakeside properties.

  • Demolition for any structures on your land.

  • New driveway installation for your property.

  • Pond digging and installation for your commercial or residential property.

Delano's Most Dependable Light Excavation Contractors

Working with our excavator operators is the best way to ensure that your next construction project is a success. Give JL Landworx a call today for the premier excavation services in the Delano area!

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